Providing High Value-added Services with Advanced Technologies

We reclaim monitor wafers or dummy wafers used in our customers' semiconductor manufacturing processes. We also provide a variety of services, such as thermal oxidation services on wafers, and manufacturing/repairing of wafers with thermocouples.



We respond to the customer needs via cutting-edge technology with high-spec equipment and environment.

We have introduced reclaim line for 8-inch and 300mm wafers from the early period, and actively responded to the increasing diameter of wafers. Since the beginning of operations, we have been pursuing high quality in the ever-evolving semiconductor industry. In the lushly green of the Kumamoto prefecture, we are supplying highly clean reclaim products with cutting-edge processing and inspection tools. With more than 30 years of experience, we carefully respond to the various needs of each customer.

Wafer Reclaiming

What is silicon wafer reclaiming?

A silicon wafer (SW) is made by processing a single crystal of high-purity metal silicon into a disc shape. A semiconductor chip is produced by creating minute electronic circuits on its surface and cutting it into pieces.

The process of making an electronic circuit differs depending on the product, but there are some cases with more than 1,000 processes. In the process, quality control is very important and quality checks are performed with SWs in various processes. The SWs, used for checking their quality, are sent to our company for reclaiming purposes.

Used SWs sent to us are chemically treated, polished, and cleaned in a special room called a cleanroom, where dust and dirt (foreign materials) are elimiated to the utmost, and are regenerated to the same quality as new products. After being returned to our customers around the world, they are used again for quality checks.

Silicon Wafer Cleaning Technology

Silicon Wafer Cleaning Technology

The final process of silicon wafer reclaim is precision cleaning.

After checking the size of the foreign material and the numbers on the surface of silicon wafers after being cleaned, only silicon wafers that meet the standards will be turned into the products. However, the standards are becoming stricter to corresponding with miniaturization year after year, and the improvement in cleaning technology has become an essential and most important theme.

Work flow of silicon wafer reclaiming

Work flow of silicon wafer reclaiming

Other products, services


In addition to silicon wafer reclamation, we provide high value-added services and high-quality products.

We are adaptable and respond to customer needs providing services, such as attaching oxide films to wafers, processing various semiconductor materials, and manufacturing, improving, and repairing wafers with thermocouples.



Overseas office

We provide strong services to clients all over the world from Japan and Malaysia.

HAMADATEC SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia in 1996 as an overseas production base for the recycling business. As a 6-inch and 8-inch wafer reclaim factory, we provide stable services to customers around the world from Japan and Malaysia.