Nagata Tatsuya

Nagata Tatsuya

With an eco-friendly business in mind, our wish is to be a company which will be valued in the future by pursuing changes in social values and technological innovation.

The semiconductor business, which was born from Hamada Heavy Industries' new business discovery project, has been encouraged and supported by semiconductor manufacturers and equipment manufacturers around the world since the completion of the Kumamoto Factory in 1990. We have focused on the silicon wafer reclaiming business.

We have been working on silicon wafer reclaiming for over 30 years. Used monitor and dummy wafers for quality control, etc. in the semiconductor manufacturing process are finished to the same quality as new products by our precision processing, so that they can be used repeatedly. We believe that this is an environmentally friendly business.

In February 2023, we started as a new company fully owned by Hamada Heavy Industries Ltd. Under the new organization, we will strive to speed up decision-making and action, to improve customer satisfaction, and to pursue the further enhancement of corporate value. Our company name, HAMADA RECTECH, contains our aim to reclaim silicon and other type of wafer (reclaim), which is our main business, developing our unique processing method (recipe) with technology, and contributing to the creation of a future society through the development of the semiconductor industry.

With an eco-friendly business in mind, by understanding changes in social values and technological innovation, demonstrating the flexible imaginations and the ability to take action to confront challenges, I hope we will be a valued company in the future. We aim to be a company where each employee has a desire to improve and grow with the company, in an atmosphere where they can work pleasantly.

We put into practice the spirit of "Magokoro (Sincerity) ", which is the corporate philosophy of the HAMADA group, and continue to meet the expectations of our customers and society.